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Cerdon, created by the ancestral method (formally the natural method), follows a strict approach during vinification.

Six months of maturation are sufficient for this wine to obtain its intense rose robe and fully-developed aromas of red fruit, as well as its subtly-sweet mousse. These characteristics ensure that our Cerdon is a pleasure to drink and especially welcome for festive events.

To appeal to all tastes we offer four cuvées of Vin du Bugey Cerdon Méthode Ancestrale:

CUVEE "Classic"

A luminous rose-tinted robe and the subtle aromas typical of Cerdon. Well cooled, it’s ideal as an aperitif or in the afternoon.
CUVEE "Sélectionnée"

Blended with 70% Gamay, the Poulsard grape brings a distinctive note of red fruit. Its delicate mousse and elegant sparkle make this a Cerdon to be shared with friends and family.

A longer maceration and the elimination of residual sugar provide this cuvée with its unique aromas and drier character. A Cerdon for the most demanding.
CUVEE "Réservée"

Notable for its strong rose robe and aromas of black fruit. Complexity and freshness are the hallmarks of this Cerdon.

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